Hello friends of yours, this post is a bit sad as you can see in the title, it means that five days ago I lost one of my faithful companions, the reason? I will tell you later ...
It has been very difficult for me and my family to assimilate this loss and that is why I have stayed out of the networks and the computer to share something with you.
Pepito was born in my life on March 23, 2014, from the moment I arrived it was only joy because he was not a common cat, he had a peculiarity and it was that he had many sounds to communicate with us, sometimes he managed to say “mama” what which made it very funny.
Pepito was very exquisite, he only liked cat food and when he didn't have a bad mood and chased my mom around the house.
Due to the crisis in the country, cat food became too expensive, but thank God we had the border nearby to cross it and buy food for our beloved cat.
Less than a year ago Pepito suffered from a disease called hepatitis and with great effort we could take him to the vet, we gave him the necessary care and we got out of it.
Little by little, our beloved cat became sturdy and stocky, his fur was beautiful and his size was huge, but it was 6 kg or more.
About 15 days ago we could see that Pepito could not urinate, so I called the vet and he told me that this was bad news since stones are formed in the bladder and they have to be removed with a tube.
I did not want to have a catheter so with my knowledge I gave him medicine and managed to urinate, but every week the problem returned until a point came when he could not urinate again.
One Sunday night Pepito decided to go away, maybe to die, but our calls brought him back, and we immediately took him to the vet.
When we arrived, the veterinarian said that the animal had to be probed immediately because it had a hard bladder like a baseball.
The vet was a friend of my grandmother and we managed to make him not charge us so much because we had no money, but as they say "cheap is expensive".
when they gave me my cat, it was another, I was not in the mood, I was in a lot of pain, I was not hungry and I could not urinate, I also had a little open mouth.
One day passed and he was not recovering from anesthesia so I took him to another veterinarian, she told me that she had possibly suffered a strike in the operating room and had not told me anything ...
they had not injected him for pain, they only probed him ...
She immediately attended to him in the best way and we took him home.
I no longer saw that radiant and beautiful cat, I only saw pain in his eyes, I no longer wanted to live ...
we stayed at home with him and when it began to get dark, we had no light and pepito began to have heart attacks, my mom took him in her arms and I sat in front of her, the time had come ...
the saddest moment of my life, loudly shouted and apologized while his eyes ran out of life ...
On September 2, 2019 at 8 p.m. I lost my treasure, as my mother called it ...
We stayed talking with his body for a while while his soul was leaving and my mother hugged him in pain, like someone losing a child.
we wrapped it in white mantles and put it in a box to take it the next day to a place to bury it.
Pepito made life with his younger brother who is still looking for him because the house still has its aroma.
It must be difficult for animals to understand that someone who grew up with you will never come back ...
After burying him, I read him a letter to say goodbye and apologize for not having done more to save his life.

5 days have passed and we still feel the emptiness, even his brother.
It is very difficult to lose a loved one that in the end is part of your family.
I hope our pets will last a lifetime, for me it was very short time with the ...