To start I want to apologize for my long absence at YOURS. The words had not come to me to thank this platform that has helped me so much to follow my cooking classes.
One of the reasons why I have been absent is because I stopped attending classes. I'm still in the course but I had a problem and now I have to wait for another group to reach me at my current level to continue the course.
Thanks to this I have been working on getting money just for the house and for when I start my cooking classes again.
In this time I have been working mainly on myself, my development as a person, I have been returning to the gym and changing eating habits that have caused changes in my body.
Nothing easy in my situation of economic crisis, but with effort and faith I am fulfilling my objectives.
Many people are inhibited from going to the gym for wearing the same clothes or broken shoes, as is my case. But I have learned to live no matter what people think and accomplish my goals. Of course I want proper clothes to train and dress but it is more important for me to achieve a better health and aesthetic body, the other will come sooner or later. Also the exercise works as anti stress therapy, it has many benefits I invite you to try. I particularly like to jump the rope.

Jumping rope

I am still looking to finance my classes but I am infinitely grateful to YOURS and the cryptocurrencies for helping me to cope with these difficult times for which most Venezuelans spend.

Stronger, wiser



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