Good morning dear friends, first of all I want to wish the community of YOURS a Happy New Year 2019, that all our goals are achieved and that every day we have great health and blessings.
Today I want to dedicate my post to all of you who are my companions in this beautiful platform, we had 2 months out of network, a long time without working, all desperate and without knowing what would happen with the page, today we are here again, thanks to God already the creator of the page, and with new users since the validation code they requested is no longer an indispensable requirement, PLEASE, let's make this platform something we work together, we do not allow you to comment on the same mistakes of the year past where this seemed a house of beneficence where the friend @-ed- mainly was the one who solved the problems of many. Think a little, publish quality content, create projects, in which new investors enter, let's take the cryptomoney further.

Let's be very sincere and please let us love our country a bit, do not spend every day criticizing and criticizing, let's do productive things, let's fight for things to work in our country and not leave everything in the hands of politicians if we do not put a grain of sand No one will put them on, but nobody will.

Let's all move forward and keep being a family YOURS.ORG

Happy day


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