Guaidó, he has always felt fear in his balls. The day he stood on an improvised stage to proclaim himself what he proclaimed, he felt the fear that ran through his body, and that, incidentally, consumed him from within. His viscera burned with fear. His muscles trembled, and out of his mouth came a voice broken and full of fear. When he came down, with a smile imbued with fear, those who applauded him (as interim president of Venezuela, and as the new leader of the Venezuelan rightist opposition), with their heads down, surprised by the "heroic" act of that stranger, they grabbed him to congratulate him, but the truth is that it was to sustain him, and prevent him from falling to the ground, scared to death.
"Fear is a biological code for survival, every time an animal (and man) perceives a situation that threatens it, it reacts with anguish and fear, thus setting in motion the self-defense mechanisms: whether they are attack or flight ... " I read that in one of my books. In effect, Juan Guaidó, never thought that he would be forced to do what he did. And less that they did it from the United States. That is why it was so scary, not only at that time, but in the days that followed, especially when he was in Cúcuta, along with three presidents and the Secretary General of the OAS, and the new and ineffable Republican senator, and connoted representative of the most stale of the American right, Marcos Rubio. There, with them, Juan Guaidó, lived one of the most pressing moments of his life ... Fear overflowed him, at an unexpected level, when he could not even feel his body. He felt lost, and almost regretted having borrowed for that show, as if he had been taken from one of the darkest minds in the Holiwden world. While the others were talking he was gone, as if flying shyly, like a simple dove, letting himself be carried away by the wind.

It was worthy to see his face when a Colombian official spoke of the "crime" Maduro had committed because he had ordered the two gangs loaded with "humanitarian aid" to burn. Then, it was the turn of Luis Almagro, with his face of a repentant rabid dog, giving the same qualification to Nicolás Maduro, our president, for the same reason. The rest of the group, did the same: "Mature guilty." Meanwhile, the body of Guaidó, was consumed not only with fear, but with terror, just thinking about what could come with the passing of days ... And it happened: It turns out that a renowned New York newspaper, with irrefutable images, of It showed what was already known, through videos, that the alleged burning of the gandolitas full of guayas, nails, miguelitos, masks and other implements for the guarimbas, was not the work of the GNP, nor of the GNB, but was a work of the tiger slings hired to provoke the GNB, launching Molotov cocktails, as evidenced in the videos. The show of Cúcuta, mounted by the empire, was laid bare: the hooded malandros were the ones who burned the gandolas.
And now that? Now Guaidó this shit, he fears for his life. He did not fulfill the promises he made to Pompeo, Pence, Abrams, Bolton and Senator Marcos Rubio himself. He told them he had half of the FANB on his side, ready to jump the talanquera. He told them that he was the maximum leader of the opposition and had the support of more than 9 million opponents, ready to fulfill his mandate, and, finally, give the existence of Maduro, as president, and with his chavismo down at heel. But, oh, God, of all the saints, nothing happened. He stayed with the cresp facts, and the gringos got up. Guaidó had deceived them, like babies ... This is when the fear of the self-proclaimed rises to unsuspected levels. "Fear ensues because of insecurity and at the same time it is the backdrop of many negative emotions and pernicious feelings." Through fear, through insecurity, we can be despots, arrogant, greedy, violent, pusillanimous, scrupulous, hostile, righteous, unfriendly and resentful. "

In that order of things, it seems that Mr. Juan Guaidó is perfectly portrayed in those words in quotation marks. This puppet, one day, believed that he was the king not only of Venezuela, but of the world. And the other day, when he awoke from a dream, he felt insecure to the core. His haughtiness rolled on the ground. He was a little fainthearted, but, like all resentful, lent to do the most perverse things against their own people, if necessary to satiate their revenge and their desire for power. So in the midst of frustration over the failure in Cúcuta, the empire takes the direct reins of a devilishly evil attack on our homeland: on March 7, past five in the afternoon, from the cities of Houston and Chicago, according to the evidence, a cybernetic attack is directed against the heart of Guri, a dam that generates 80 percent of the electric power for the whole country


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