First of all a hug to all this beautiful community as usual every day I upload a video of my musical productions and a review of some important subject such as entertainment or current events. We will talk about something that should bother many people, because as many people have to do such impressive things to be inside, but also because there are people who can do such stupid and absurd things, but as we say this world is crazy.
Since its appearance 62 years ago the Guinness Book has registered more than forty thousand world records.
The man who ate an airplane
The Frenchman Michel Lotito received a nomination in this famous book for ingesting 9 tons of metal but this was not just a 945 kilos aircraft.
Dragged on the ground by flames
The actor Josef Toedtling this Austrian was dragged across the ground engulfed in flames at a distance of 500 meters so we can tell him the human torch

Hetty Green the Witch of Wall Street
The businesswoman Hetty Green will go down in history as the richest person of the 19th century and secondly she received a record for being the most greedy person in the world she got to have 200,000,000 dollars she did not spend on clothes or luxuries for her did not help to nobody his life was poor but he had a lot of money.

Records of Records
This person called ashrita furman is the person with more guiness records currently has more than 125 and are as absurd and stupid as the best time to peel a lemon and eat it without a doubt this kind of truth that has free time to occur so many things absurd

So people who want to enter the book and can not think of the most absurd that surely entered easily, thank you for your attention hoping that it is to your liking I ask you to vote and resteem so that more people enjoy my publications until next time.


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