Just a fragment of my fictional story Till Death Do Us Part translated into English, alias...

Eric's Birthday Morning

I woke up with the sunrise. I have always been a morning person, yet I think today I woke up so early, mostly, for the weird feeling coming from the fact, that I just turned a year older. It wasn’t really excitement, no, just a strange feeling. Today I have become nineteenth years old, but that was about it. I did not expect anything special; the day will go on as any other day. Except, perhaps, this evening, which I am going to spend with my twin sister and celebrate the birthday together, but it is going to be more for her sake than mine. If it would be only up to me, I would just ignore this date entirely. Yet, I cannot do this to her. It is our tradition, since we have been on our own and I know although that we are adults now, she needs me. For now, however, I can afford to disappear into the woods and be alone with my thoughts and that is something that I really long for.
With this thought I get up from the bed and put some clothes on. It would be better to leave the house as soon as possible, to avoid Olivia and her invitation to whatever she is going to do today, which most is probably going to be lunch over Leah’s house and that was the last place I wanted to be. On the other hand, Olivia is going to be probably asleep for another few hours, as I heard her to come back quite late in the night. I was wondering where she was despairing lately, because I knew for sure that half of the time, she wasn’t with Leah and that was rather unusual. I did try to ask her, but of course without any success and I did not want to pressure her. If she is going to want to talk, she will and I will listen. I went downstairs and I was about to enter the kitchen, when I heard some noise coming out from there. Either I was right, or my sister managed to get up really early, which was an option but really a doubt, or we had a guest over and I had a pretty good idea who it was. I did not want to see her. I was doing my best to avoid her the few last months and I could continue to do so and just turned around and leave. Yet, there was a part of me which kind of wanted to see her today. Even if it should be for a minute and I knew that this minute would be painful, I could not resist. So I opened the door.
She was behind the stove, making some food. I could see the light from the window reflecting in her copper hair and a shadow on her pale face. She looked up and her auburn eyes met mine.
“Good morning,” she said with unsteady voice.
She looked so nervous and guilty, at the same time, and I could not find strength in me to reply. I just walk in the room and try not to look at her.
“Don’t worry I did not to come to steal all of your food,” she joked.
I still did not reply and immediately regretted than I came in. It was even more painful than I thought.
“I’m making breakfast for Olivia,” she said and then a paused for minute and then continued, “It’s her birthday!” she exclaimed and I sighed. “I mean you know that obviously, it’s your sister. I mean you twin sister,” she started to mumble. “I mean, it’s your birthday too.”
“You don’t say,” I said sharply and quickly closed door of the cupboard in which I was staring at the last few seconds. I really need to get what I need for a day and just get out of here. The problem was that most of the food was stored right next to place where was Leah standing and I just couldn’t to bring myself to get any closer to her.
“Eric,” she said with a certain resignation in her voice.
I knew I was treating her badly, but I just wasn’t willing to forgive her for what she did to me in the summer. We weren’t at the friendly terms for several years now and it was my fault and not hers, but she went way too far and it still hurt.
“What else?” I asked with a strong annoyance in my voice. I just wanted her to remain silent.
“Happy birthday,” she smiled faintly and I felt how that smile immediately made me weaker. I knew that these were precisely the words I longed to hear. That is the reason I came in the kitchen, because she was the only person beside Olivia who was close enough to family, even thought we did not talk and I was really mad at her. Yet, it was perhaps bit childish, but I needed to hear that, so I thanked her quietly without any bitterness, and there was it again, her lovely smile.
“Where are you going that early?” She asked and probably hoped for a longer conversation.
“For a hunt,” I answered simply.
“Really? Daniel did not mention that you are going today?” I could tell she was nervous. I watched her to take of the pan of the stove, her hands were shaking. I knew she was still feeling guilty; it was against her nature to so deceiving as she was at that time.
I knew she wished for my forgiveness but I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t do it. No yet, so I looked away from her and said: “I’m going alone.”
“Alone?” she was surprised.
I just shrugged my shoulders. I knew her well enough to know what she was thinking. She was concerned about me being alone on my birthday, but honestly that wasn’t any of her business, so I have decided to just end this awkward conversation and leave; but before I did, I turned to her once more time. “I wouldn’t rush with the breakfast. Olivia is going to be dead for another few hours; she came back quite late last night. You might be interested in that… or might not,” I shrugged my shoulders again and finally left the room. I tortured both of us for more than enough. Now it was time for my solitude or rather my adventures around the borders.