Today is celebrated the day of the child in my country, and my son and I were invited to a small meeting that was made to children with special conditions close to the community, everything was organized by a private foundation called Martins who do therapies to children with cerebral palsy, everything was totally free, children were given recreation, games, food and some treats, As most of you know I have been here a long time in yours trying to get help for my son, who can help me I will be very grateful, currently requires a series of medical studies and medicines and we need to pay even the amount of $575 to be able to pay all these medical expenses, thank you all very much I want to share some photos of the meeting to which we were invited.
They are the organizer of the foundation with my son receiving his cotillon of sweets.
She's a princess who was invited
Other guests with the organizers
Here are some of the people working for the foundation helping my son to hit the piñata.
Thank you very much for taking the time to see this, it really is very important to me, I hope you can help me thank you very much.


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Happy day to all the children who are there. I hope all of you can be healthy.
   1yr ago