Despite all the bad things that I'm going through, I keep reading when I have free time. I recently read a short story about happy money: Once, a tourist in India was approached by a girl asking for happy money. The tourist asks the girl what happy money is, and she responds: what makes you happy to give me, it will make me happy to receive it. The reading has to do with the money that you are producing comes from your happiness and from what makes you happy your profession or business.
At this moment I am going through a terrible economic situation, I do not have water, I do not have gas to cook, the electrical service is terrible. It is increasingly difficult to live here.
I'm just looking for an opportunity to start over, I have not been able to attend my cooking classes anymore, my family is having a hard time and I'm really desperate.
In principle I seek to start a business with the aim of being me who takes the reins in my life. I need $ 300 to start this business, this represents a real humanitarian aid that goes beyond just feeding one day and not teaching how to fish.
I hope and wish you can help me, I am an enthusiast of the cryptos, and I am sure that I can give back to this ecosystem as soon as I recover economically. Like the girl, I will be happy to receive the money that makes you happy to give me. Many thanks Yours.


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I have to give you my advice, if you can follow it through... don't spend the BSV you get, save it, it should go much higher in value in next few years, way beyond $300 you need, but you need some foresight, strong will and vision.
If and when BSV is mass adopted by the whole world it can easily reach $3 million per BSV and more... so if circumstance doesn't allow you to do what you want to do right now, do what pretty much everyone in crypto is doing... waiting for price to go up, but most are in coins that will not get to mass adoption stage (but for this you need to understand whole idea behind Bitcoin, which I don't know if you do)... I hope you know what I mean, try to see bit ahead.
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My most sincere greetings, friend ED. I understand and I want to follow your advice. Despite the difficult situation in Venezuela, I tell you my particular situation. Where I live I do not have water service by pipeline as before, I must go out to look for water and store it in any type of container, since a month ago the electric service is suspended every day for a time of 8 to 10 hours. It can be during the night or the day, you never know. The food has a very high price and my salary as a cook is enough to pay for food for 2 or 3 days, however we have learned to give this food for more days. I work 10 hours a day and I do not have rest days and my salary is 5 to 7 dollars per month. Payment every two weeks: 2.5 to 3.5 dollars. I'm just surviving on sales of lubricants and other rubbers and I earn something extra that allows me to buy something else. I have no refrigerator to store my food for more than 5 years, my mother is sick and can no longer work and I must take care of her. I had to stop my cooking studies to pay a little more money. I think it's not fair that I'm going through all this, but I do not let the depression take hold of my I continue to fight for my life and my family's.

I want to follow your advice because I think like you, I am an enthusiast of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But I am where I am, I must live this moment and I look for the opportunity to get out of this bad moment. I am grateful to you and YOURS for the support they have given us Venezuelans, but I do not particularly like to feel like I am a beggar, so I'm just looking for my chance to be better. I hope you can understand me, thanks for your advice, I know you have the best intentions.
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