In Venezuela the second Sunday of May is celebrated the mothers day, today we can assure that the mothers of our country gave everything and give everything for their children, wrestlers without rest and worried even until they are of legal age their children .
For my dear mother, I ask for all the health that God can give her, I ask all the prosperity that we can reach the children to be able to help her, I ask each person that shows a little affection today. That my mother does not lack her medicines, and that she has a lot of health and life, so that she can accompany me to reach all my dreams.
But today MAyo 12 is also the day of the Nurse
A special double day because my mother is also a nurse, so I was lucky to have a mother who gave me all the love possible, but also a mother who knew how to take care of my health, and that is why today I am so saluabdr...
Those nurses who despite the salary continue to work those retirees who sadly see how that profession is deteriorating, in my country where diseases had been eradicated today arise because of the terrible corruption and bad leadership



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