Sometimes you get a goal in the most unexpected way, after weeks, months or even years of struggle without achieving it. The best example of this is Jesse DStreams, a person who devotes himself to relay his life on the Internet: his videogame games, what he does on the computer, what he eats or, simply, how he watches television. People like Jesse are known as 'streamer'
The favorite platform of the 'streamers' is Twitch, where you can find people specialized in any videogame, talking or eating. But the Jesse DStreams channel was, until now, totally unknown to most users. However, overnight, everything has changed and he has done it in the most unexpected way: because he fell asleep.
The video in which he is seen throwing a cabezzadita and its subsequent awakening has reached 2 million reproductions. I was broadcasting live on the channel dedicated to chatting, eating or watching television when it was transposed. At that time his channel had just 100 followers, but when he woke up he had multiplied that number by ten, reaching a thousand, and there were also 200 people watching him sleep.
But everything has gone to more: in just two days his video of the moment in which he is seen waking up has reached a whopping two million reproductions, while the followers of his channel have multiplied and already has 2,000. They are probably waiting to see him sleep again like a little angel.


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