Systems ready. Startup initiated. Begin maintenance routine.
The Conductor leaned back in their chair, glancing at the monitors. The view was clearing up, allowing the workday to begin. The machine was slowly coming to life. The Conductor looked over the various screens in front of them to make sure everything was fine.
Of course, “The Conductor” was not their real name. It was just what they considered to be the most elegant way of calling themselves. Executive, boss, chief, commander, director, all perfectly legitimate words to describe them, but “The Conductor” just had a special ring to it, and since they were the only person in the entire machine, they had the luxury of calling themselves whatever they wanted.
Glancing through the screens, it seemed no part of the machine was sending error messages. That was a good sign. It meant the outdated fuel they used yesterday was not messing with any components. But it was already running out, so it was important to get more.
Luckily, the machine was designed so it was able to not only acquire its own fuel via directions of The Conductor, but also help get nutrition for The Conductor themselves. This was extremely helpful considering that there was no way for The Conductor to actually leave their little chamber. Fortunately, the garage where the machine was kept had everything it needed for maintenance, but before the fuel, there were other things to take care of.
Finally, The Conductor leaned forward, looking at the many panels laid out in front of them. Each had a different purpose, but each was just as important as the rest. At first sight it all seemed so complicated, and it was – The Conductor was the only person who really understood the function and purpose of each switch, lever and gauge.
The first order of business was making sure that the outer layer of the machine was clean. Dirt sticking to it would raise the possibility of unwanted substances getting into the system, and that could cause all kind of problems. The Conductor started working the controls to make the machine walk over to the cleaning station of the garage where it would be showered with water – literally – and, using some special substances, cleanse itself of dangerous filth. It only took about ten minutes overall.
After this, the machine had to be equipped for the day. This mostly consisted of coating its surface with an additional protective layer that would defend important components from the effects of the weather, as well as some potential smaller attackers.
Finally, the machine had to be refueled, which was done via an opening on the front that allowed suitable fuel substance to be inserted, processed, and sent into the machine’s inner workings so it could be distributed to all the different systems appropriately. When this was done, a little hole opened on the control panel of The Conductor’s chamber, with some food and a glass of drink prepared for them.
The Conductor just smiled and grabbed the tray of nutrition, putting it on an unobscured part of the control panel. They pressed a few buttons to instruct the machine, having it gather up the required tools into a suitcase to prepare for the workday ahead, then leaned back on their chair, enjoying the glass of beverage delivered to them.
Another day begins in the busy life of The Conductor.



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