“Aaand action!”
The director sat back in his chair as the cameras began rolling. The actress took a deep breath, then put on the widest smile that she could muster, turned towards the cameras, held up a colorful box of cereal and began speaking.
“The new and improved Bonica Cereal is unlike any other on the market, as it contains balmicipid essence, strengthening your bones and digestive system like no other. It’s the perfect healthy breakfast cereal to start your day with.” she said as she put down the box on the table, and picked up the bowl or “cereal” prepared specifically for advertisement purposes. It was actually plastic and glue, but from a glance it looked like a beautiful, delicious bowl of cereal with milk. “Not to mention how good it tastes!” the actor added with a wide smile, pretending to grab the spoon in the bowl.
“Alright, cut! Cut!” the director yelled, standing up from his chair. The cameras stopped recording, and the actress’ fake smile disappeared. “That’s good, Jane, that’s good, the smile is very catching, but try to emphasize how healthy it is. When you talk about that, try to put more weight on those words.”
“I’m trying!” the actress said, frustrated. “It’s just hard! What the hell is a balmicipid anyway?”
“How should I know?” the director shrugged. “That’s not the point. The point is that it’s healthy, and we need to tell people so they buy this garbage.”
“Ugh.” the actress rolled her eyes. “Fine, whatever. Can we try again then? Healthy. Healthy.
“Yes, that’s good.” the director nodded, and headed back to his chair. “Alright people, we’re rolling in two minutes! Get the set ready!”
As the ancillaries rushed on stage to put everything back into its starting position though, the door of the studio opened, and a man in a suit stepped in from the outside. He had a frown on his face, but otherwise looked rather indifferent.
“What is this?” the director asked as the newcomer walked towards him, standing up from his chair. “Who are you?”
“The management sent me.” the man replied. The director’s annoyance disappeared in a second, replaced by curiosity mixed with worry. The man glanced towards the set, then turned his head back and continued. “I was sent to inform you that the ad is cancelled. The Bonica Cereal is no longer considered healthy. We gotta move on.”
“What?” The director blinked at the man, confused. “Not healthy? Why?”
“How should I know?” he shrugged. “People just don’t consider it good anymore. I don’t know why, nobody understands these things.”
“Oh for the love of…” The director frowned, then turned around and towards the set. “Alright people, we’re done here! The ad is cancelled! It’s not healthy anymore!”
A collective groan could be heard from the workers around the set as the announcement was made. The director shook his head, then turned back towards the man.
“What can we do now?”
“Well, let’s see.” The man took out his smartphone and pressed a few buttons to look something up. “How about this? Sammock Snack Bar. It’s just been released onto the market.”
“Is it healthy?” The director tilted his head slightly, narrowing his eyes.
“Yeah, sure.” The man shrugged and put his phone away. “It could be, if you want.”
“Perfect! Can you call them and arrange for an ad?”
“Sure, that’s my job after all. I’ll have their answer in a few hours at most. You can prepare things over here in the meantime.”
The two men quickly shook hands before the director turned around and walked back towards the set.



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