Moving away a bit from so much politics, which is really important at this moment because Venezuela may soon experience such a long-awaited change, I want to pamper you with a bit of this beautiful bay, located in the state of Aragua, it's Cepe; an extraordinary place where blue steals all the attention and little by little it mixes with the green of the mountains that characterize the beautiful park Henri Pittier.
The biodiversity in this area is impressive, on the one hand you have the wide sea and on the other the majestic mountain that gives air to the coast, is the lung of this landscape, a place that I restart 100% if you want to enjoy the wonders unique nature, and that I celebrate of course in my beautiful country.

Your view is lost from North to South, from East to West!

What amazes me most of this place is the fusion of mountain and beach and wherever you look there is a source of fresh water that comes down from the mountain, for me it is a privileged place, because we are usually used to coasts much more Xerofilas , but here you can decide whether to spend a relaxing day in the beauty of this blue beach or if you decide to venture to the mountain and even get natural fresh water falls, it is quite an experience so that day is not enough to know the whole area.
It is extremely important to be a conscious tourist, to protect each space you walk and transit through, it is ideal; Well, many more can have the freedom to enjoy such enriching landscapes, where we can realize how wonderful nature is and how selfish we are often damaging the environment when it offers us incredible places, absolutely spectacular landscapes that They leave us breathless, in exchange for believing in us and that we will do the right thing to keep these sites intact. I am full of life every time I make a trip, I would like to do it more often and I know that the next Venezuela will allow me because I am happy knowing surprising places, full of nature and peace; I nourish myself to know that there are people who care about keeping these sites as they are and to receive tourists who are aware and capable of taking care of the environment and enjoying healthily.
I very passionately wish to continue visiting sites that steal my breath, that give me a pleasant experience of life and that they leave me teachings, I believe that by doing healthy and ecological tourism you realize the immense importance of the planet and of everything what it offers us, it creates a sense of belonging and love for what before our eyes is imposing, sacred and beautiful; Venezuela is a geographically privileged country that has a lot of potential for tourism since it has spectacular places that I want to know from end to end, I could say that up to now I know 70% of my country, and it is amazing how, despite so many evils, Venezuela always makes us smile in some way, because it is full of life and I know that opportunities are opening step by step, I know we have potential in tourism because I've seen it with my eyes, Venezuela Let's go!".


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