This is what I called ''Briefcase company''
Hello, I am Alberto and I offering my services fixing computers:
- Format and drivers installation
- PC or Laptop Assembly
- Software installation
- Internal cleaning and maintenance
- Installation of miners
I introduce you to COMPUFIX, we'll be growing this month, little by little and WE ARE ACCEPTING BITCOIN CASH!

This is a company created by me and two friends, we are now asocciated, our social networks accounts are been created, I told my friends about BCH and suggested to accept this coin at our company, this is an informal business but if it grows we're planning to register it legally in Venezuela.
So, tell me what you think about the design? is it good? does it caught your attention? I'm not the best designer, because I just know basic photoshop use and read some about design and publicity.
We want to work and incentive the use of BCH as a form of payment in Venezuela, If you want to support our rising company, you can send any tip if you like.
We would like to offer this service in Fivebucks but there's no potential clients for this tasks because the most clients are outside this country.
Hope you have a nice day, keep going, keep fighting success is near.



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hm, maybe the glasses in there is not good image as at first glance I thought it was about eye wear business. I know maybe you wanted to make it look nerdy, maybe have an image of person wearing glasses or something. I am not into adds either so get more opinions about it and not just from me :-)
Oh and, best of luck with your business, I hope it works out especially for you guys accepting BCH.
   2mo ago
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@-ED- Thank you, and maybe you're right, maybe I should think in another logo design, but that could be later, yes I thought glasses would make it look like nerdy, geek, something related about computer use... maybe I could add a wrench or a screwdiver, thanks for passing by.
   2mo ago