Hello friends of Yours.org, this post is a bit different from what I usually go up, I really do not like doing these things, but what happened was something that I really did not expect.
This platform has become for me a great respite, since thanks to the income that I have obtained with the content that I have created, I have managed to help both me and my family economically.
This is because the minimum wage in my country is only 6$ a month, so everything I generate thanks to the internet and of course thanks to Yours.org is my main source of income.
Unfortunately, for those who do not know, here in Venezuela we have been going through a very difficult time in the energy field, for which several states, including mine, have been subjected to power cuts of up to 6 hours per day.
As a result, many electrical appliances have been affected, thank God in my house none of our electrical appliances had been affected, until 3 days ago.
My internet modem is damaged, it stopped working in its entirety due to these power cuts, this really is a big blow for me, because as I told you my main source of income comes from the internet.
The problem is that the company responsible for supplying these "cantv" modems has not had units for a long time, so the only way to get this device is to buy it from a third person.
The problem with this is that these people sell them at prices of up to 60$ per modem, this because of how difficult it is to get this device, which is a very high price in my country, because the salary is only 6$ a month, as I told you.
Now I really do not have enough money to afford it, which is why I decided to make this post, to ask for their help ...
I know that there are more important things and causes than this one, but I am very affected by this situation, because all my economic life revolves around the internet and of course yours.org
I am very sorry for the quality and the translation of this post, but I see myself very short of time because this post I am doing it from a cyber
I hope I can count on your help, thank you very much for everything.
God bless you.

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Good luck!
   7d ago
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@mmpegasus Thank you very much, you do not know how much you have helped me with this, I apologize for answering you until now, but until today I was able to access the platform from a friend's house, you wish many successes and benefits in your life, you are a wonderful person! Thank you very much again!
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No problem, hope you can get back up and running okay. Is it hard to get surge protection power strips in Venezuela? Might be worth the investment if you guys are losing power a lot :/
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@mmpegasus In fact, I have wanted to invest in one since the electric problem started, it is really necessary and very useful nowadays in my country with so many electrical problems, but I have only seen them available in online sales pages like mercadolibre.com in approximately 45$ plus shipping, then it will be an investment that I will make once I generate the money here at Yours. A very big greeting and many thanks again, friend!
eternally grateful to you :)
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