Hi all. I am Frangelis I am 23 years old, I live in Venezuela and I have two children. I was born with a disease called hereditary epidermolysis bullosa, which is a set of rare diseases that generate fragile skin with blisters. Blisters may appear in response to a minor injury, including heat, friction due to tight clothing, scratches, or the use of tape. In severe cases, blisters may appear inside the body, such as in the lining of the mouth or stomach.
I inherited this disease from my father. In my childhood my mother suffered a lot and with the help of the government she was able to improve my health.
As everyone wanted to have a family, my children were born with the same disease at the time we went through many needs, we did not receive treatment because with the blockade that crosses the country it is impossible for my husband to buy the treatment for all three. . . Those who are unemployed and the only income that can be obtained are through a motorcycle with which he works as a taxi.
As a child, I suffered the refusal of many people to see me, but I get used to that expression on their faces, today my children suffer and are isolated in school and are not satisfied with the fact that my youngest child suffers from malnutrition caused by the same disease, and I'm often hospitalized because stomach lesions appear, I did not imagine the exasperation of my situation. I came to this page through some acquaintances who helped me register and told me about cryptocurrencies, especially BSV and although I do not understand much about that. They encouraged me by saying that through it I could receive help in relation to diseases and that filled me with hope to improve the living conditions of my young children, since this disease can cause death if it is not treated in children and treatment It is based on antiallergic treatment and treatments. Moisturizers to protect pirl, antibiotics and good nutrition that is impossible because it would be necessary around 1,000,000 bsS to cover the treatment of the three for a month. I'm here. I ask the good-hearted people $ 300 to cover the treatment of the three for at least two months and that there is some money to invest in a small informal business to help my husband in the coming months. Since they do not give me work because of my condition. This is my story. I hope you can help me since I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and my hope has grown to give my children a better life since this disease is incurable. Thank you, thank you very much for the opportunity to write here. I leave the photos to see at I am not lying.



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