For now, he is suffering from congenital heart disease, money has been collected, but the operation is extremely expensive and all possible help is needed. To submit it to this delicate operation and thus see its improvement. For now only $ 350 is missing, thanks to grape harvest and events, a large part of the sum has been collected.
Congenital heart diseases are abnormalities of the normal anatomy of the heart. They are called congenital because they occur when the heart is formed and are born with them. Sometimes they are hereditary due to alterations in the genes and their transmission in offspring. But not all congenital heart disease is hereditary. It can also be caused by acquired alterations or environmental alterations that affect during the embryological state of the formation of the heart in the fetus, for example the effect of alcohol, maternal diabetes or certain drugs that can produce cardiac malformations is known.
Her heart is still strong, I spend it on this wonderful platform and I hope that with my heart in my hand you will help me for my dear friend.
I hope you help me and in truth eternally grateful. A grain of sand makes mountains ... My respects and thanks.


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Thank you very much -ED- your help is grateful, I personally will have to travel to Cucuta to look for some treatments for my little friend, we have gathered a great part of the money. Those 60 dollars are very grateful yesterday in the verbena we collect approximately 200 $ we need only a little more for our goal .. Thank you very much friend.
   6mo ago
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I have found the same picture in 2013 article here:
La pequeña Celia ya ha sido operada con éxito en Boston
Europa Press @ 17-05-2013 13:31

Feels like alex malpica is professional scammer.
   5mo ago