Greetings to the entire crypto community that reads me, I am very grateful for all the support I have obtained this year from you. Without a doubt, they have been part of building the honest money route.
And to survive in Venezuela you not only have to work 15 hours a day, you must also have at least two jobs to be able to eat something at home. It's really hard to realize that you work so much just to eat, you can't buy any clothes, nothing to go to the movies or go out to the park and buy an ice cream. Work and work to eat only.
For this year 2020, I dream of having my own business and thus obtain better economic income. The year 2019, was a very strong year for all Venezuelans, a whole month without electric service, the highest hyperinflation in history. Starting a business of your own is brave, and I would like to start mine.
Particularly, I learned a lot this year: I was in four different jobs, I did a bakery course. Really, I feel it is time to start working on my own. I have the project to start my own bakery. Completely from scratch. If you can help me realize this great dream, I will be very grateful.
I really hope you can help me. I want so much to be free, the lack of money, to see my family spend so many needs and without being able to do anything, it makes me feel helpless, very bad. It depresses and saddens me. I wish with all my soul to get out of the hole. I am a hardworking man who loves cooking. Thanks for all the support so far.


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