Good friends of today I get up with an idea in mind which I want to do but I do not know where to start if someone can instruct me a bit in this please contact me at
Well guys the idea is to create a house of exchange I mean a place where people can change their cryptocurrencies to Bolivares (Venezuelan Currency) be Bitcoin, bitcoin cahs, SBD OR STEEM I want to work only with those coins for example buy SBD, STEEM AND BITCOIN CASH after collecting a certain amount pass them to bitcoin and get an amount to sell the largest but I can not get a page that pays me a good bitcoin price in bolivares for me to put a rate in my house of exchange where we win the 2 with the 2 I mean the seller and the buyer, I mean.
an example buy 1 steem to 80bs and that steem what peda to change to bitcoin and I x amount of bitcoin then that amount will generate me 100 bs come there I can win and win the seller.
Why do I want to do this, well I just have a capital to start and I want to invest in this idea.
If you have any knowledge of different pages where you can sell bitcoin or bitcoin cash in Venezuela please contact me at the email you leave at the beginning of the publication
If you are a bitcoin and bitcoin cash buyer, please contact us and we will agree a price where you can put the Venezuelans and my thanks.
With this method I think it would help Venezuelans to become more interested in bitcoin and bitcoin cash since they could invest time or money getting their coins and sell them in my future exchange house earn a good little money, businesses could accept bitcoin and bitcoi cash as means of payment because they would have a place to sell their money and continue investing in their premises.
I know that there are many companies already of this but I seek to give the right price for all I do not seek to become a millionaire with the efforts of others I have great feed to future such as making raffles, donations etc. to the most needy
thank you for reading my post I hope you have some information that is useful for me to be able to undertake this business and if you have some tips to give me bienvendos be.

this was translated with traductoor google


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