Good friends of this year 2019 eh decided to start big and bring joy to some little friends, 2018 was a very difficult year in my life which helped me too much with the situation of my mother so this year 2019 I have decided to help institutions and people who need it with the help of the BSV.
Today Monday January 7 I went to the school of special education in my city, thanks to the director of this institution that let me do this activity to know a little about the situation of the children and their institution, for me it was an unforgettable day. I love working with these little ones.
We carry out recreational activities, sports, paint faces and a small donation that was given to the institution.
Very small donation in reality for all the help that this institution needs, the offices do not have office material, the classrooms lack tables and chairs for some small, they lack cleaning products in quantity since it is an institution a little big, do not have sports equipment which is a big problem because these little children need to play sports to stimulate their little cabesitas, I can not put a price on everything they need that is why I come to this community to help these little ones .
In Venezuela the situation became a bit more complicated in recent months the current price of the dollar is 2200 bs.s and the minimum wage is in 4000 thousand bs.s = $ 1,5, the staples are at a very high value, the teachers of this institution have to buy all their material each one with that salary and bring food to their home, it sounds a bit impossible not? for this reason I have decided and committed to help this institution either through your donations and my small income in cryptomonedas since I do not have a job, I am just a student of administration, my source of income from last year onwards has been and cryptocurrencies.
In spite of so many problems I love to see that my work brings joy to these children and gives them a different moment that makes me very happy, I will leave you a few photos of today's activity.

This was the small donation that I leave to the institution is not much but I hope to come back and leave something big I want to help a lot this new year.
The donation was a few cleaning products

Thanks to all my classmates in the university who were my team working on this project, and I hope to receive some donations to bring more joy to these children and can help me build a better venezuela friends.


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This publication is dated January 7, I posted it again on 01/12/19,
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I congratulate you for not discouraging you. It is an excellent job. It's something that I also do here in my city, it's not what you say, but we help make the burden less sad, many blessings for you.
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