Hello Everyone, I want to share a drama with you that I'm going through and I thought long before I divulged many more people who know me they even asked me to post even someone who knows how to help me.

My son had a misdiagnosis two years ago at the white flower health post (he is the closest place that can take care of me) when he was having tummy aches and vomiting the doctor diagnosed a virus and asked me to observe 3 days when I came back with the same symptoms in the hospital, he had to have surgery in the hurry to remove a testicle because he had hit home jumping and the symptoms were pains in the belly and vomiting and there was no time to save because it had been 3 days without relief.

Now in SeptemberFebruary he cleaned the ear with a cotton swab and ended up puncturing the eardrum I had left and he was with my mother at the time of the event, with that he lost his hearing of 70% and is still perforated eardrum because he has already been sent to surgery is in the queue of Cross more it will take a couple of years still, he is suffering very badly going to school because every day I have to take him to hospital to take medicine to fight this infection, my life are days in the hospital more so far only emergency care, he passes in all hospitals, and Darcy's(doctor) patient and did the procedures by the AME(medical institution) who already found the drilling and sent to the queue, almost every day I take him in the hgis that transfers to the clinics or others in SP to make emergency care

Yesterday at the clinics doctor said that he already took my son to operate more he depends on this system as well.

Yesterday at the clinics doctor said that he already took my son to operate more he depends on this system as well.
The doctors of the hospital here from Itapecerica do not want to attend him anymore, because they don't have the Medicine to threat the problem, And I don't have the money to buy all :(.

For the time being the infections are controlled have not reached any internal organs nor the meninge more are waiting for it to happen I am with 25 recipes in all hands of medicines that have no effect on the bacterium that is installed, I'm out of money And I don't anyone to ask, For now I need to expend more $300 to buy the diferent medicine and keep trying.

Particularly the surgery became very expensive, covenant has grace of two years and my only outlet is single health system same.
Please share this disregard once again I am going to the forum I will enter with process for everything he is going through he is with depression passing with psychologist already, but also I need your help to spread as much as possible I do not know what else to do 😭 who to turn to.
I need Around $300 To try save my son, please help me.

Way to vent with this useless system and this neglect with a child, I know that it is not only one, exists millions of people asking for very sad help like me.
Thanks For your time.

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I need your help


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