First of all, I am very grateful to the YOURS community. For being so supportive of those who need it most. Understanding that it is not about lazy or lazy people but about working people, who go out every day to earn money to survive in this difficult situation that has touched us in life.
Today, then, I am hereby requesting financial support to continue attending to my grandfather. My grandfather has diabetes problems and fluid retention. So I know any wound is difficult to heal.
Due to its advanced age, it must be attended at all times. Even to go to the bathroom must be accompanied. My grandfather was a taxi driver for a long time and received a lot of impact from the sun's rays. His skin has become weak. Recently, a person who was helping him did not clearly know what my grandfather's condition was and hurt his arms while holding him.
Now, to heal your wounds, take tests and buy medications, we require approximately $ 200 of which or dream of having them through normal work. If it is within your means to collaborate and you want to do it. I'll be very greatful. Thank you.



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