Good friends of today I come again with the greatest embarrassment you can imagine to ask for a little humanitarian aid to my father.
He is my father is called Jose Olim de Goveia, is currently ill with Hepatica, is accumulating liquid in the lungs is not understood because he spent a lot of money in some exams we still do not get the cause, he has small velign tumors in the pancreas I want to ask for help because I do not have that much money and I need to get my father back.
He was taken care of by my aunt (his sister) who apparently did not like the way they treated him and decided to escape yesterday after hours of not knowing his whereabouts. I arrive at my house something that left me very surprised because the only one came in car and does not know the address in addition he is sick can not walk by there and things are forgotten.
I need to do another series of very expensive exams and buy your medications I really need a lot of money about 25,000.00BS.S equivalent to $ 215 to pay for your medications, God willing I can help you because if the worst happens it will be much more money which I do not have, God save my father.
For me $ 215 is a lot of money I do not know for you from other countries but here in Venezuela is much more than 7 months of work until more I hope they can help it is understandable that I do not get everything since it is a lot of money I hope I can get something to be able help my father thank you.
I apologize the English use Google translator and can change the words


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