Hello friends I need your help my dad is 62 years old, yesterday morning was in good health and for now he started bleeding from his mouth and nose causing him to faint and almost drown with his own blood, fortunately my mother's achievement help him and help him get up to go to a hospital where he is hospitalized, when he was admitted he was given an antihemorrhage and when measuring his blood pressure was above 90/200, he should be applied in captopril ampoules of 50mg which are very expensive in my country since the hypertensive, they have sent vitamins and several antihaemorrhages to prevent bleeding while you can perform all studies and tests and determine the cause of your bleeding, and then be referred to a cardiologist to control your hypertension, the medications are scarce and they are resold so we also need to do a number of exams for 5 days in a row to keep track of their avalanche and see the reason for his haemorrhage, the costs of each day of hospitalization are high and the cost of the exams too, we are a humble family and scarce resource so I ask for your help and collaboration please my father needs a hand help. Many thanks in advance I will leave several exams that we have been able to do since yesterday but we do not have enough money to continue paying for the other hospitalization days and the other number of exams that we need please help!



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