A couple of days ago, with the support of CoinSpice and /btc moderators, I had the idea to collect donations to support an animal shelter in Maracaibo, Venezuela. The shelter is called ASODEPA, and it has many years helping abandoned animals.
The current situation in Venezuela is deeply bad. Inflation is surpassing the value of the USD in the black market, making everything expensive even in dollars, or cryptocurrencies. The life standard in Venezuela is really bad, and the prices of everything are skyrocketing. The government is even thinking to dollarize the price of oil in the country, which previously was cheap (because we used to be a country that produced oil). Today, Venezuela exports oil from different countries around the globe, because the oil industry here is slowly crumbling due bad administration, starting after its nationalization due the socialism policies.
Now, animal shelters around the country are often asking for donations because they can’t handle the hyperinflation that’s hurting Venezuela’s economy. Other associations like EatBCH are also important and might be also need some sort of help in the near future because price increase its turning everything insanely hard.
In this article, I’m going to show you how your donations helped these puppies and kitties. Donations were collected through different groups in reddit and telegram. I appreciate all the help I received these days. The shelter also appreciates everything you’ve done for them. My main objective with this activity was helping Bitcoin Cash to rise a positive name around my city, by also supporting animals in need. Such lovely creatures also need our help, and If we are able to do something positive for them by also showing the world we are a project with a good vision, it’s the best option to move forward.
Here are the photos of what the shelter was capable to buy with the donations collected:
Kitties are in cages because they are through a deworm process.
Thank you for making this a possibility. If you donated anything to help this cause: THANK YOU!
The shelter is collecting donations everyday, so If you didn’t support previously you can always do it by sending money to this address:
You can also support me to spread BCH around by sending a tip to my personal address:
Thanks again to r/btc and CoinSpice for making this possible!

Oscar Salas



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