Hello friends, this is my first time. I am very excited to know this community, I am very happy to know that there are these types of projects where the work of people is rewarded, that there are people who appreciate the content of others. My name is Fabiola Gamboa I am 24 years old and I live in Venezuela a very nice country but where the abandonment rules, a country where you can have everything and at the same time nothing, where we do not "live" if we do not survive every day, my boyfriend @alberto recommended me this community, we both come from steemit, there I dedicate myself to upload my illustrations, travels and some life experiences I would love to share them with you, right now I am dedicating myself to photography and to know the world of cryptocurrencies that I loved and I think that is the future, I hope you like my future post. A kiss and a hug from this side of the world.

What a great post - excellent work!