Hi, yours.org friends, I hope you're all right. After many days absent, missing from this community, here I am as always thinking a little bit about us to interact a little more, to get to know each other, to give publicity and that each day we are more.
Dear community, as it is to know there is a Spanish speaker in this beautiful platform, to my person and another companion of this same community it seemed a little interesting to create a discord channel of Yours Hispano, where they are all invited to continue talking and interact a little more among us, and all the natives of the language, clarify some doubts and concerns among others, are all guests
Many will wonder what is discord, because it is worth noting that many do not know that they are new in this technological world. Discord is a platform for communication either by voice or text, through chats, calls or even video calls. It was designed especially for the "gamers", (fans of video games), for the easy and fast communication that it offers to the users. It is a platform that has a huge number of users and is quite popular throughout the internet.
It is used due to its accessibility and ease for all people, because it is a tool for free use.
The main reasons why users of this community would use Discord, are:
  • Easy to use tool
  • Availability for all public.
  • Mutual aid between the members of the group.
  • Promotion of content for each user.
  • Know and share with new people.
  • Solve doubts, problems and guide the new ones.
  • Be aware of announcements, news and community contests.
  • Community podcasts.

And stop counting the reasons why users prefer to use Discord before other means of communication, the possibilities are many and certainly a really useful tool.
See you around.
I wait for you ... Greetings ...


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