In my presentation I explained my situation about my health, in recent months I have received help from many support groups. I thank all those good people who do it, lately I have been in bed because the disease is slowly getting worse due to lack of medications and medical attention, my family is poor and unfortunately the situation in my country is strong and I find it difficult to get a stable job, in order to survive daily I need around 100,000.00Bs.S equivalent to $ 5 per day that would be $ 150 per month per month.
Unfortunately, this is the neighborhood that a Venezuelan needs to be able to live in better conditions than today. With great shame I ask for your help since I do not have work and my day is strong, I also understand that I am not the only one asking for help on this platform since there are many Venezuelans who benefit from the situation of the country to ask and splurge The money they give them, in my case it is not like that. I am an honest person who tries to bring his daughter food every day.
Thanks for stopping to read my Block I hope your help with what you can


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