Hello my name is Ismilsis Barrios, I'm 19 years old and I'm Venezuelan I have a daughter of 7 years old product of a rape I suffered from my stepfather, at first my grandmother who was the one who supported me in those moments so hard she and I thought of some way to abort but because of my age was very risky because I could die in the process, since my daughter was born my grandmother always supported me and helped me raise my daughter despite everything that had happened, 2 years ago as a result of lung cancer my grandmother died and I had to work and take care of my daughter alone, currently my daughter suffers from malnutrition due to the situation in my country that we all know because I can not afford the salary to feed her properly and I can not give studies to my daughter for the high costs, she needs intravenous therapy and be attended by a specialist in nutrition, all these costs have a price of 219.50$ according to the current rate of Bolivars to U.S. dollars, which is an extremely high amount to get it working is why I come to ask for a small collaboration of all to raise the necessary funds, I will also leave photographs as they have done the other people on this page, please help me and thank you very much.



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