The origins of Trump, despite his speeches and proposals to prevent the entry of immigrants into the United States during the election campaign, and later as president of the United States, date back from his beloved America.
There you can see the contradictions between what was said and the reality of the current president of the United States.
Tong tragedy
Mary Anne MacLeod was the youngest of ten brothers born on a farm owned by her family in Tong, a town in Scotland. Mary Anne decided to travel to New York to escape poverty in 1929.
At that time there was a large emigration from the town where she came from because at the end of the First World War most of the men of the town died when a ship that brought them back sank. This caused that many young girls decided to leave to look for a husband and a better future.
Crossing to New York
The president's mother did not travel with 18 years, in 1930 to New York as a recreational trip, but to stay in the United States, to escape the poverty of her Scottish people with 50 dollars of the time, which is equivalent to 700 today's dollars.
The option of America was a worthy exit for the girls of the island. In addition, the United States had fairly lax immigration laws. Before the 1920s there were no limitations for immigrants, but in 1929, one year before the arrival of Trump's mother, an amnesty was declared for citizens who had entered the country without "proper authorization".
At that moment of opening, Mary Anne entered, that to the question of if she had intention to return to its country of origin, she answered that no. And, in addition, in the form he wrote as a profession: Maid.
The first thing he did when he arrived in New York was to visit his sister, Catherine Reid, who had been in the United States for a while after having had an illegitimate son in 1920, something very controversial at the time.
According to the documents of the voyage, MacLeod embarked on May 2, 1930 in the port of Glasgow towards the United States, where he arrived nine days later aboard the ship Transylvania.
"He came with an immigrant visa to have a permanent residence," said Mundo Barry Moreno, a historian at the National Museum of Immigration of Ellis Island in New York, after analyzing the passenger registry of the vessel.
His visa 26698 had been issued in Glasgow on February 17, 1930, just three months before the trip.
First years in the USA and romance
The beginning, did not correspond with the idyllic "American dream". She worked as a maid in a family house on the outskirts of New York, but with the serious crisis that ravaged the United States in those years, she was fired.
This passage in Mary's story has been denied by her son on several occasions, arguing that her mother traveled to New York without intending to stay, that she met Fred Trump at a dance while going on vacation in New York and that it did not happen no hardship.
In her early years in New York, her sister Catherine introduced Fred Trump to a party, almost seven years older than her, a real estate builder and entrepreneur. The romance was smooth sailing, because in mid-1934, the young Scottish girl returned to her homeland on e, with a "reentry permit" obtained from Washington on March 3, 1934, which was only granted to immigrants who had the intention to become US citizens.
That trip, surely, helped her to tell her family her plans for the future with her fiance, because in April 1935, Mary Anne was already living in the Trump residence, in the neighborhood of Jamaica. And she already figured as a naturalized US citizen, although she did not achieve that status until 1942.
In January 1936, Frederick Christ Trump and Mary Anne Macleod were married in New York, with a reception for 25 guests at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan. After a brief honeymoon in Atlantic City, they returned to their residence where, one year later, Maryanne Trump, the oldest of her five children, was born.
In those moments, Mary Trump had become a housewife and an assiduous at social and charitable events, leaving behind her past as a domestic employee.
Last years
Now a successful woman, she had five children, Donald Trump being the fourth, born in 1947.
In the election campaign in 2015, Donald Trump barely brought up his mother's past, because it did not match his anti-immigration discourse: "The influx of foreign workers keeps wages low, unemployment high and makes it difficult for working Americans earn a middle class salary We need to control the admission of new workers, "he said.
She died at the age of 88 in 2000, barely a year after her husband. New Hyde Park, in New York, is the city where both are resting.
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