It seems that the social network emerged as to make competition of or rather to be the opposition of the creators of content that previously earned rewards in bitcoin cash on
But mine is not any analysis, we must make observations based on objectivity and so everyone will draw their conclusions
Everyone here knows because it's an old social network and it was first honestcash, mostly we know how it works, you get rewarded in Bitcoin's cryptocurrency sv after last year's Fork it's as simple as posting anything of the themes that you want
The connoisseurs of the subject of monetized social networks arrived to yours excited because for its time, the BCH was in more than 1500 $ of capitulation in the market so it was a great alternative to generate content here, I remember that we were in beta, and above all Venezuelans found help and refuge for a bit of charity from the Crypto-Anarchists in the world.
But when last year's Fork happened, the activity of the social network stopped for a while, causing many to get upset because they had funds in the internal wallet of, however, they all trusted that some day it would be solved or it would be ruined of the new Bitcoin cryptocurrency sv
In the midst of this problem occurs the launch of the beta version of Honestcash as an alternative for those who succeeded in yours

My experience

I must add that whenever there is a new place to generate income doing what we like then I think that if we can do something incredible, and the appeal of honest was that, fill the gaps left by and many went to create content, with all the natural errors of a page under construction.
Honesta Cash is today another social network where you can generate content doing what you like, but personally and this is my humble opinion, to honest you still have a lot to grow
Since I wrote my first three articles on I already had almost 10 $ something that I thought was incredible because it was very new, in the case of honestcash being honest with everyone I have not seen a dollar in 3 months of use, and I generate a lot of content because I see very few users publishing, and I do not see that they have good rewards, besides that if I see some generating good content but I do not see people voting
Recall that we work under trust, and also under the motivation, and since honest online public content and monitoring social network that by the way is as pale in design as it is to the two pages they need form, symmetry, order and color.
I keep making content on both pages but from my experience is a better option because it generates constant comments and several votes from fans and readers.

It's my opinion, just that



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