More than 6 months ago I wrote an article called "Honest money" in which I expressed my economic situation and what I was living at that time, also a bit of my future plans. All that time elapsed so far, some situations have changed.
This year I undoubtedly grew as a person and professional. Now I am more confident and I know that I am able to achieve many things when I propose them. I am a better cook and now also a baker. However, my economic situation has not changed much, for now. I still live with my mother, and we still don't have a refrigerator, the kitchen only works for a burner and the oven. My salary is barely enough to eat what is necessary, nothing fancy or anything.
I really have so many problems that don't matter. I just know that I must do something to solve them. We all have problems and the important thing to solve them is the attitude towards them. In that article, talk about a business which requested some financial help to start it. But I must confess that I was not sure which business to start at that time. I would only use it to buy and resell high demand items in the crisis in Venezuela.
But now, I have a real project under my arms: @Panxcafe. That is the name on Instagram of the bakery that I am forging with much effort from my home. I just have to eat today, but if I don't do something to really make money I will always be like that. As a cook in Venezuela I only earn $ 20 a month and work more than 12 hours a day, it is not fair but life is like that.
I want to help my family and my mother especially with all her things. It is the most important thing, my mother. That is why I ask you, if it is your desire, to help me boost my bakery and buy materials to start mass production. I hope to buy a sack of wheat flour and some lumps of sugar soon.
If you can help me, you will be allowing me to continue generating honest money, the good ones we are more and producing true value is how society is made. Thank you very much to the whole community.


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