"I defend the right of 2 and 2 to be 4."
"WHOA MAN HOLD ON THERE. You can't just let math add and subtract itself. You'll have anarchy! What prevents 2 or 2 from giving only 1, resulting in 3 as the total? I'm not convinced that math can just 'work' like that."
"Are you proposing a different number system?"
"No. Just the one we currently have: quantitative easing, where you put 2 over 2 for its protection against possible violations of 2 and divide that by half to ensure that if one if the 2 over 2 is harmed, that the other one won't be."
"So what do you get?"
"From 2 + 2?"
"Yes, from (2/2)/2 + (2/2)/2."
"Oh, ok. So 2 + 2 is 1?"
"Yes, for the protection of 2."
"How do you know 2 wants your protection plan?"
"Math is just numbers, Einstein."
"Right. I'm glad you're not my accountant."
"Well, I do serve on the FED."
"That explains a lot."
"Yes, it does. Our economy is much better off."


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