Some people might argue with this title.

How the heck could a car and $24,000 teach me more than 4+ years of formal post-high school education? There are no tests, no required studies, no projects to turn in for grades. $24,000 isn’t even enough to purchase a degree at most schools these days. How could someone have the audacity to claim they are farther ahead in life than an educated professional?
Well, I’m no doctor. But thanks to $24,000 and a car, I am about to move coast-to-coast for my first job in marketing while most people my age struggle to find work.

How could this be?



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Awesome story, thanks for sharing :)
My personal success equation:
  1. Identify your goals. What do you really want out of life? Easier said than done.
  2. Dedicate 100% of your effort to achieving your goals.
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