Since my first post in Yours, and bought more than 100kg of food, now I've got some more.
I've visited a local Butcher shop was accepting Bitcoin and Crypto as payment, I received a couple donations to help me, since I didn't feel ok to take the money for me I recruited a couple of my abuelas, and mom and we gave away over 50 arepas.
that was an emotional shocker for me. So I wanted to do more, so I quickly got in contact with a couple of people and they put in contact with Father Angel Araujo, he is currently doing (literally(?)) God's work here, contacted with him ask him what he needed and he told me, "We don't need money, we need food", so I quickly hopped into my contact list, called a couple friends and manage to get hold of a 12 pack of 1kg Pasta and since Pasta sucks to be eaten alone (?) I went and bought 10 jars of Sauce, I was trying to get some meat to make some bolognesa but there's a shortage of Meat in my town.

This was in less than 24hrs notice, I left it at the church to get cooked. all of this was delivered on the Hospital Pedro Emilio Carrillo. (Same place where we delivered the arepas).
Here's the outcome!

Pasta with Crypto! 12 Kilos of Pasta for Venezuelans in need! Thanks to
Donate, helps a lot.
Pay fot his article to donate and help us here on Venezuela, You can also donate Directly on any address:

btc: 18hSQMrit3Yox8AjkWEaoUHjJubLC3BKHT
bch: qr5sl6d77zs9sjf2472exjvf499943ntgcee6e62c4
eth: 0x47475da5a2FFB17fbcE88264c50c3f98d6B62909
BSV: qzfsafspdxamr65zzuw0ewcj3pt5wgy2agwqcn4lvj



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