I tried the Money Button yesterday.
I f....d it up, my ignorance.
It is all working now, and here is what I think had happen.

I was overexcited, that is for sure. I have my reasons, and I might to write it up in another post.
After finding out, that the button works, and it was not too difficult to use its basic function, I realized, I can change size, colors, amount etc.
And I became creating tons of buttons, adding them to website, to individual posts, playing with the different styles. In fact, I think I had some work done, add some posts, and make them look similar, took the featured images from earlier post away, and it looks smoother now, that is positive.

The negative aspect is, that through my playing around, I did not realize, I have to always add my address, which I did not. I only reload the page, and change the design of the button, but not the address.
I received 4 tips in the morning and then was quiet until night. Then I read @Cain and
@Christoph Bergmann wrote they tried to use it, so I tried too and find out, it is not right. Nothing came.

Well, the error might had happen because I was working on the website, while online. I learned now, I can and have to put maintenance mode on.
The tips did not arrive to me, because the address was not mine.

It is all fixed now, and shall work, after I take the maintenance mode away, which I am going to do after I publish this post.

I check in the code, and I can see the address. It is probably default, because it is the same one many times. I paste it to block explorer and it is there. But I have not much of a clue, what could be the next step for me.
I am curious if it is possible to find out, if and what amount of tx was intended to go to my website.
Anyway, now it is all fine, we can share Crytpodignity out, I learned my lesson.
Lets see if some movement will appear.
I keep only two buttons for now, and my excitement down. :)

Thank You for reading.


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OK, good to know what the problem was. We will need to add better error messages.
   2yr ago