Thank you for the views and tips. Really appreciate it. I added a very detailed technical + fundamental analysis on Bitcoin Cash here. Do check it out and share feedback.
I was a late entrant to the cryptosphere. Bitcoin just reached $5000 from the first time I saw its price at less than $1000 in March 2017. I was fascinated by its history and origin, all the documentaries looked so amazing and Roger was my hero. But I was more interested in jumping on to the Bitcoin's "store of value" train.
India was just recovering from a govt backed financial disaster. In Nov 2016, within the span of 1 speech, the PM just made 85% of circulating Indian rupees worthless.
United states did something even more horrible in 1933, all the citizens were forced to sell their gold to the govt at a fixed price which they later sold for a higher price. Now, I don't even have to remind you about the wall street "sponsored" 2008 Financial crisis.
It was obvious to me that Bitcoin was poised to disrupt the market of All market - Money. The last major invention was the introduction of paper money when the world was using Gold as the currency. I'm sure just like now, people rejected it initially and then it was later backed by gold to give it legitimacy. But later it was delinked (Nixon). So now Bitcoin (Cash) price is linked with the dollar to give it validity and in the future it will stand on its own.
Hmmm... What is this Bitcoin Cash?
Now, it was not obvious why Bitcoin had this "scaling" debate. It made no sense NOT using it as a payment option. Roger Ver started advocating Bitcoin Cash as the original Bitcoin and how it fulfilled the need for a payment system. But I could not argue against the price of Bitcoin and everyone was saying BCH was dead!
Then I stumbled across a post (or a tweet) by Ryan, where he decided to move from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash. This got me very curious and looked up and immediately fell in love with the concept as I owned multiple blogs.
I promptly created an account here and bought some Bitcoin cash and transferred it to my and went hunting for an article to tip or pay. The moment I made a payment, it hit me - This is the future of payment (and blogging)
Whats next from me
I will follow up with posts on financial advice, fundamentals and my own charts that helped me as new investor to make a decent return (started buying BCH at $300+). Most of my learning in Technical Analysis is from RiversAndMountains, Goldbug1 and other gurus
The best investment advice that is least talked about - Use Bitcoin Cash for payments or send it to a friend. You will see the potential of this as a currency.
So enough talk (reading) go use Bitcoin Cash.
As an example of usage and value, I will place the link to the one of the best Technical analysis article (according to me) on the future price of Bitcoin Cash behind the paywall. Also included will be a preview of my recent chart on BCH.
This was one of the main driving forces that convinced me to invest more in Bitcoin Cash in $300+ price range. I will be surprised if you aren't interested in investing (more) in Bitcoin Cash after reading it.

Update: For some reason, the links and images did not work while editing in Firefox, fixed that using chrome


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Great article man. You've got a unique perspective and have learned along your path well.
I have a feeling you'll do a lot to help this generation understand how to trade and invest, rather than get dumpstered by the inversion narrative spread everywhere.
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Today Will Tell A Lot. Sense Is Btc Shall Prevail For A Little While Longer. Diversify!!!
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