On the page coinatmradar.com
you can find numerous charts showing online up-to-date information about Bitcoin ATMs installed around the world.
The exact number of installed ATMs today with each cryptocurrency is as follows:
2751 (99.8%) Bitcoin ATMs
1284 (46.7%) Litecoin ATMs
720 (26.2%) Ether ATMs
436 (15.9%) Bitcoin Cash ATMs
261 (9.5%) Dash ATMs
35 (1.3%) Zcash ATMs
23 (0.8%) Monero ATMs
18 (0.7%) Dogecoin ATMs
On the page you can find a chart wich shows the number of Bitcoin ATM installed over time. What you can not see is the evolution of the availability of the other cryptocurrencies over time.
I collected the detailed data and you can find the following charts behind the paywall:
- Number of ATM's over time
- Number of ATM's (LTC,ETH,BCH,DASH,ZEC,XMR,DOGE) over time
- Percentual growth (Jan-Apr 2018) BCH,LTC,ETH,BCH,DASH
Enjoy it.


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