Hello! It’s time to catch up with you… But before you do, if you’re new and do not know who I am yet you may wanna read this first.

Today I woke up without water in my house, it is already the third day in a row where there is no water. I’m not the only one in the area that does not get this vital liquid. In other areas of the city there also has been a lack of water for days, there are even areas where the water has not arrived for weeks.

Some time ago there was a stage in which the Venezuelan people received rationing of water and electricity. We spent days without light and days without water. There were many months in that period of rationing. After that, it is normal for the water and light to leave from time to time. We got used to this misery and this bad government. Today I will have to bathe with one of these pots of water that we fill with a trickle of water that arrives in a corner of the house; it is the only place where it arrives. We boil the water to take it. We will fill more pots for cooking and other needs that arise.

The electricity has not been going for a week, there are sudden blackouts without warning. We do not know if it is a kind of rationing or just maintenance to some nearby areas. What we do know is that we must be vigilant. Many people have been burned by some appliances because of these blackouts.

On the other hand… I need to go to the bank but I do not want to. My mother went last week to the bank and waited in a long line to get only 50 Bs. S. (0.63 $) because that is the daily limit to get money from the bank. She went at 8am and at 12pm there were still 50 people left in front of her. She managed to get the required cash from the bank at 3pm. The simple fact of thinking that I will be standing in a queue for 7 hours to get so little money already makes me feel bad. But it must be done because I do not have a car and I am running out of change left to pay for public transportation. Public transport is a topic that I will talk more about in a later blogpost. It will be worth explaining all that disaster. I would like to show you the kind of vehicles in which people ride to get to their homes or work. It’s a little sad.

Every day it is getting harder to get meat and chicken. The prices are disgustingly high. For people that earn at below average the prices are not fair. The kilogram is at 320 Bs. S. We recently managed to buy half a kilogram of meat; it was enough for two days to eat dinner. Today we have nothing left anymore, only half a kilogram of pasta, a bit of cheese and a banana. And the truth is I am happy that we’re able to eat something atleast!

A couple of months ago a neighbour asked me if he could have some food for his breakfast. That day my two grandparents and an uncle in my house were visiting. We were 7 people in my house and the food we had was not enough for everyone already here. With pain in my heart I had to say no. I felt so bad about denying him even a bite of my food. I have experienced that situation myself. I have spent a whole day without eating. My heart got broken. After a month, that same neighbour asked me for food. My grandparents were no longer visiting and we had managed to buy some meat, pasta and beans. We invited him to breakfast and even to lunch. I was so happy to help and be able to offer him food even if we do not have enough for our own.

This situation has affected the Venezuelans in a good and a bad way, so I can say that there are two types of Venezuelans:

The vivo. The rude one that takes advantage of the situation. .They are the people who took this situation in the worst way. He takes advantage of others and is rude if you do something that does not suit him or that seems ridiculous. They use the typical phrase “for people like you the country is as it is”, when in fact it is them whom does not allow a positive change in their own behavior. For this type of people I mean, for example, the bus driver who charged me more than the price and when I asked for the change he sent me to get off the bus, to the people who buy at a very low price and resell products at exorbitant prices, to the coffee seller that does not actually sell coffee but roasted corn. And people who complain about the country every day but prefer to passively support the government instead of working hard on their own life.

The angels. The people who took the situation as an opportunity to help. Despite having a bad time is grateful with the little things they have. Writing about these types of persons makes me even wanna cry (I am very emotional), because I have received help from these types of people and I really thank them so much. For these kind of people I mean, for example the bus driver who let me ride once on his bus even though I did not have money to pay him because I had spent everything on my puppy’s medicine, the lady who helped me in the street and bought me a coffee because I got a slump and I


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