UPDATE: I've just posted a follow-up to this article here, regarding (apparent) recent CSW signalling on 20th July. Let's see what happens...
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Video jumps into timestamped section of my speech. However this is such an epic show. I speak about cockroaches at the start and then "Court" from Fivebucks comes on with some really smart thoughts. Probably my favourite show so far.

Wow - Ryan X seal of approval :)

Well some recursion happening here... if myself and Ryan were both Turing machines then this would be an example of Bitcoin Turing completeness, as one transaction feeds another... but we're not as fast as computers, not like computers monitoring the mempool for Satoshi spends.
This is serious news as Ryan and my bad self combined now have 20¢ invested in this idea. There's a 20¢ financial loss and some reputational loss to both Ryan and myself if this event does not occur.
Ryan's pretty close to Craig - maybe I'm really onto something here and this is exactly how it all goes down, or maybe so-called #faketoshi just wants to spread F.U.D. as part of his so-called "scam" where I don't yet see him making any money at all, he's for sure spending a lot of money. Maybe I am a shill and this is just shilling :P
Remember these words: "You split, we bankrupt you"
All I can say is - be prepared, computers are dumb but they for sure can be faster than any human in reacting to all of this. All exchanges & miners not taking into account this black swan event deserve all losses coming to them. Go read the whitepaper again, cause to me it seems clear chasing the magical Gollum ring, most of you have forgotten what Bitcoin is.
UndercoverPatriot gets is:-
So the premise of your scenario here is that once any of the Satoshi coins from the early blocks move, it will be detected through scripts by all exchanges and all major miners who are paying attention, and the smartest move would then be to cease all operations and halt all trading to figure out how to handle the situation.
I think that is a very likely assumption. They are going to prevent Craig from dumping any of the massive stash of coins from the Tulip trust(s) by any means necessary, but this will in turn grind the entire industry to a halt.
Craig obviously knows this, which means he doesn't even need to actually sell any coins to shock the market. He just needs to signal it by moving coins. Adding to this train of thought, it stands to reason that he would never actually be able to sell the coins, because the mere movement of them would shut down all exchange activity on any of the Bitcoin forks.
This puts this message in a new a new perspective:
Whether he is actually going to do this or not is irrelevant. It serves only as a public declaration of intent, with which he is essentially manipulating the psychology of the exchange operators and major miners, forcing them to kill their own operations without ever actually having to sell anything. All he needs to do is signal that he will, by moving coins.
Is Craig playing poker here?
I reply:- You get it. Yeah I didn't want to complicate the speech too much, but just think what happens if all miners stop - except the Coingeek, SV Pool and Mempool trio... and they use the bare essential for SV, and put the rest in BTC and a little in BCH - just to mine those empty blocks, just to allow those Segwit anyone-can-spend transactions.
One massive shitshow and yeah Craig never sees any $ from his BTC or BCH. But neither do any HODLers. And the best part is Craig's $ is worth much much more anyhow by just HODLing onto it in the SV chain.
The signal being about "Satoshi is back, here he is on SV" for what's left of the market where does it go? Those invested in shitcoins (every coin apart from Bitcoin) if exchanges don't totally hold all operations - where do they go? I think we can see clearly. Of course Craig must be #faketoshi so this'll never happen.....

Enjoy the show folks.....
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