The greatest demonstration of indignity and servility that has been seen in recent times is that made by the current president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, who on his trip to China that began last Wednesday, "decided" not to visit the facilities of the telecommunications giant Huawei, simply because the government of Trump, through the mouth of his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, told him in a warning tone in the recent meeting that both held in Santiago, on April 12: "We know that Russia China will come knocking on your door, and when you let them in, we know what happens ... When the difficulties arise, know that the United States will be behind South America "...
Lighter, impossible. The US does not allow a country in its backyard, as clearly stated in the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, to establish links of any kind with Europe, since any type of interference by any country of that continent in America would be seen as an act of aggression that would require the intervention of the current government, a doctrine of a clear "colonialist" style that the Trump administration has resolved to reactivate, with the approval, without any doubt, of the countries of the Lima Group, as their respective governments They have kept absolute secrecy on the subject and as the saying goes, whoever is silent gives ... !!!
This doctrine states that America is only for Americans and Americans are not others but them ... !!!
To conclude, it is worth highlighting that here, in this case so shameful, that old sentence has full relevance, that for the good listener, few words are enough, because faster than the sound, the Chilean interior minister, Andrés Chadwick , minutes after having spoken Mike, he informed the Chileans, live and direct through the television channels, that the visit of Piñera to Huawei, "is not contemplated for now" ..., notwithstanding that other spokesmen of the The presidency had ruled out a change of agenda, "given the good political and economic relations between Chile and China ..."
And that was the position of the government, not to change the agenda, that still last April 15, 3 days after the warning of Pompeo, on the occasion of the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Lima Group in Santiago, the Chilean Minister Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuero, cross-questioned by the media on Huawei and the visit scheduled by Piñera, said he preferred not to speak, since that issue was directly by the office of the Secretariat of the Presidency ..., demonstrating with his silence that, indeed, the government had already decided to take care of the order of the Trump administration


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