Many times we ask
Where is God in the midst of tragedy? Where do we find the inner strength to withstand fears, tragedies, disasters and terrorist attacks? How far can we count on God?
The tragedies, the disasters, the terrorist attacks: Where is God?
God is the Creator of the universe and is willing to know Him. It is for this reason that we are all here. It is your desire that we trust in Him and have the experience of His power, love, justice, holiness and compassion. So He is saying to all who want, "Come to me."
Unlike human beings, God knows what will happen tomorrow, next week, next year, the next decade.
He says, "I am God, and there is no one like me, I declare the end in the beginning" He knows what is going to happen in the world. And even more importantly, you know what is going to happen to you throughout your life and wants to be in it with you, if you choose to make it part of your life. God says it can be our "refuge and strength, help in time of trial" But it is necessary that we make a sincere effort to seek Him.
He says, "You will find me and you will find me when you will seek me with all my heart." This does not mean that those who know God will not live difficult moments. When a terrorist attack occurs that causes suffering and death, those who know God also suffer. But there is a peace and a strength that only gives us the presence of God.
One of those who followed Jesus explained it this way: "We are pressured from all sides but not weakened, perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not abandoned, punished, but not destroyed" The reality shows us that we will have problems in the lifetime. Even so, if we live them knowing God, we can react to them with a perspective and a strength that is not ours. There is no problem that is unbearable for God. He is bigger than any problem that comes to meet us, and we are not alone in dealing with the problem.
The word of God tells us, "The Lord is good, he is a refuge in time of trouble, he cares for those who trust in him" and also, "The Lord is close to those who call him, to those who call him really, he satisfies the wishes of those who fear him, he hears their cries and saves them "
Jesus Christ told his followers these words of consolation: "Two sparrows cost a centimo? And still noy there is a bird that falls to the ground without the father's permission." The hair on your head is even numbered. you fear, you are much more valuable than the sparrows. " If you truly seek God, he will take care of you like no one else will.
The tragedy, the disaster, the terrorist attacks: Our own will
God has created humanity with the ability to choose. This means that we are not forced to have a relationship with Him. He allows us to reject Him and to also commit acts of evil. It could force us to be people of love. He could force us to be good, but then, what kind of relationship would we have with him? It would not be a relationship at all, but obedience totally enforced and controlled. Instead he gave us the dignity of having our own will.
Naturally, we ask ourselves from the bottom of our being ... "But God, how have you allowed something so terrible to happen? How would we prefer God to act? Would we want God to control the actions of people? terrorist attack, what number of deaths should God allow there to be? Would we feel better if God allowed only the death of a few hundred? Or would we prefer that God allow the death of only one person?

Even if God avoided the death of only one person, there would be no longer freedom of choice. People choose to ignore God, despise God, go free and commit terrible acts towards each other.
The tragedy, the disasters, the terrorist attacks: Our world. This planet is not a safe place. Someone could attack us. We could be run over by a car. We could meet in a train that has suffered a terrorist attack.
Many things could happen to us in this hostile place called Planet Earth, a place where the will of God does not always take place. Even so, God is not at the mercy of the will of the people, fortunately it is rather the other way around.
We are speaking of the God who created the universe with its countless stars, by pronouncing the words, "Let there be lights in the expanse of heaven" the God of whom "reigns over the nations" He is unlimited in power and wisdom. Even if there are problems that seem unbearable, we have an incredibly capable God who reminds us, "I am the God of all flesh, is there anything impossible for me?" In some mysterious way God is able to maintain the freedom granted to sinful humans, and still carry out his will. God says clearly, "My advice will be sustained, and I will achieve all my purposes" And we can find in this fact consolation, if our lives are subject to Him. "God opposes the proud, but gives thanks to the humble"
Fears, tragedies, disasters: Where is God now?
Some of us - no, not all - choose to manipulate God and his principles. Compared to others, obviously compared to terrorists, we may consider ourselves respectable and good people. But at the bottom of our hearts, being honest with ourselves, if we were face to face with God, we would realize our sin. As we approach God in prayer, do we not become small, paralyzed by the feeling that God has full knowledge of our thoughts, actions and selfishness? Through our lives and our actions, we have distanced ourselves from God. We have often lived life as if we could handle it quietly without your help. The Bible says that "We are all like sheep, we have gone astray, each one has taken his own path" And what are the consequences? Our sin has separated us from God, and this fact affects more than just our life on this earth. The punishment for our sin is death, or being separated from God for eternity. Even so, God has provided a way for us to be forgiven and to know Him.


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