This article describes the safety measures and information you need to know about protecting or holding your coins during a period of disruption that could last anything from hours, days, to an uncertain period of time. None of this is financial advice, this is just an opinion about safeguards during this time from the knowledge I gathered.
A Survival Guide.
Topics covered:
(BONUS): Quick and easy explanation to try to clarify terms that are often misused, like "hardfork", chain splits, etc.
  • Quick explanation about the hardfork and what the hash war is about
  • Forecast: Current up-to-date known information about miners and hash support
  • Poloniex BCHSV + BCHABC market
  • How to store coins before the hardfork
  • How private keys, mnemonic seeds and wallets work
  • What wallets you can still use during the "hashwar" period of uncertain if you really need to send transactions
  • What is happening to exchanges during this period, understanding their statements.
You will appreciate this article if:
  • You hold Bitcoin Cash and you "ain't-got-no-time" to read through all the information floating around about Bitcoin Cash.
  • You are a trader.
  • You want brief and to the point information.
  • You want honest and informed opinions, precautions and warnings.


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This is a very informative post for anyone who wants to know more about the upcoming Bitcoin Cash fork and best practices of how to protect your BCH. It is worth the purchase.
I see that you have listed as a supporter of ABC's CTOR as Johannes Vermorel (Lokad ; Terab Project funded by Coingeek.) I haven't heard much about Vermorel lately since his article on his support on CTOR.
Question (1) Do you know if Vermorel is still in his same role with Terab and whether or not anything has changed as far as the status of him still working under the Coingeek initiative of scaling through the Terab project? I'm curious because Coingeek doesn't support CTOR yet Vermorel does.
I understand Money Button is writing new code and may be close or already complete in implementing the anti splitting protection so that users can safely spend BCH while in the middle of a hash war. I'm unclear about the following but I heard that Centbee would implement, as well. I've heard of a Chopstix app of some sort that may offer this. Maybe Cointext is implementing this, too. I haven't heard if HandCash is offering it or not.
Question (2) I'm trying to get clarity on which wallets, besides Money Button, will definitely be implementing this brand new code to specifically protect against losing coins while sending/receiving BCH during the hash war. Do you know which wallets are writing this code and which ones will be ready by 1/15/18. e.g. Handcash, Centbee.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge on BCH. Great job with this article! Good luck to you during fork day. Looking forward to seeing you on the segment on Saturday 11/17/18 at 13:00 UTC. I'll be on the segment on Saturday 11/17/18 at 19:00 UTC which is a little later than you. Looking forward to the Reina and Marianne Special soon!
Marianne Jett @tweetybirdbrain

   8mo ago
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Hi Marianne, thankyou for reading!
Johannes Vermorel published the original paper around CTOR that I know of. This was shortly after Coingeek conference in Hong Kong
nChain and Lokad are currently not working together, I guess different paths and thoughts in terms of scaling. nChain continues the Terab project with their researchers.
Yes, all the wallets you named have joined the "Bitcoin Cash Switzerland" and announcing they would offer antisplit wallet functionality. I don't know how far they have gotten with this. Some wallets like Electron Cash simply don't have the time to build this functionality. I don't know about Chopsticks, also I usually don't recommend CoinText for storage because SMS is less secure. Maybe only best for people without smartphones at all. No guarantees which one will be ready exact on Nov 15th at time of the fork. I have confidence that Moneybutton would be. I would just watch for their announcements. If you do not move anything during the hash uncertainty time, that's pretty much the safest move, and wait for future announcement.
Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you too, and hopefully we can do a live cast together sometime in a good time for our timezones :). Best wishes, Reina
   8mo ago
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There are a lot of potential issues with hard forks. Not in that they're dangerous, but putting in the time to support them for users does not make sense when there is already a blockchain that fulfills the need. I don't have a problem with Deadalnix's changes (even if he is misguided in reacting to the criticism). I believe there's a sense among many people that to begin to understand how setting up a distributed database that will handle thousands (to tens of thousands and so on) of web-service calls a minute is a task that people truly don't care to understand. They rather just pick a team to rally with and pray they make their money. But for web applications to halt trade, launch and support new nodes, instead of implementing new features that fulfill different use cases... It just seems so childish to keep making noise about different people releasing their github code made to initiate a conflict. Now it can be handled as a worst case scenario, if shtf, there's a restore with a bug fix... I guess and maybe more trusted developers this time... But I honestly doubt developers who care could mess something up that bad. Even the BTC feud could have been handled better if they had optimized the code like originally planned. Instead of seeing more and more ways to spend bitcoin, I see failed ICO's, blockchain projects that aren't going anywhere, dead sites, and some crazy antivirus guy... I just bought $5 bch on coinbase, clicked the tab over and the money was instantly on We have to stick to something, and so far my heart still jumps that BCH is still functioning accordingly.
   8mo ago