How to actually burn fat without loosing muscle and strength? See how bellow.

Alright, how are you doing ladies and gentleman? Who haven't heard before that to build muscle you have to eat like a gorilla and look like fucking marshmallow man?
Well, I'm here to say that this is bullshit. Yes you will gain some extra fat while bulking but you can still BURN fat while building muscle. One of the best ways I've found to do so, is the method bellow:

Intermittent Fasting

Due to it's increasing fame, you have probably heard of it right now. It's a strategy that consists in fasting trough a certain hour window and only then starting to eat.
You see, what they found out is that our ancestors, in the caves, did not have six meals a day, and hotel-like breakfast. No. They would actually wake up, go hunting for the morning and then, in the afternoon to the night, they would actually eat.

How to Use Intermittent Fasting to Burn Fat

If you are lean bulking what I recommend is a 12-16 hour window. That means: if your last meal was 22 PM, your next meal should be only by 11 AM. You should eat 3 meals a day: a big meal at lunch, a moderate one ate mid-day, and another big meal for dinner.
If you are cutting, try to eat 2 big meals a day, this will help you to live on that caloric deficit. If you eat something on mid-day try to make it small like little fruits (apples and bananas are great).
Tips: To help you to not fell hungry in the morning, in your first days of Intermittent Fasting, you can drink some coffee and eat small apples and bananas to help extend your fasting window. They have small amount of calories and won't prejudice your fasting. What I don't recommend is gum and tea that helps digesting and stimulates hunger.
So that's it! simple as that! Let me know if you guys liked it by leaving a vote, and if you have any issues with dieting and weigh loss/gain comment bellow!
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Thank you and until the next one!


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