I'm making this for people who are new to crypto, I'm writing it here so I can post a link on my other social media.
https://memo.cash/ is a Twitteresque social media platform where everything posted goes through the BCH blockchain. Memo requires a small amount (less then 1 cent) every time you post, follow, like, or set part of your profile. If you don't have BCH then you can't interact with the platform.
Why would you even want to post on Memo? There are a number of reasons...First if you're a content creator you can get upvotes and people can tip you with BCH by upvoting. The Memo community is a good place for networking and making connections (programmers, various tech people, creative people, BCH users) with key demographics. The fact that there is a fee to post cuts down on stupid spam. Last, I have password encrypted puzzles nade with Pixel Wallet that I randomly post, crack the password and get some BCH.
How would someone new get started? If your balance is zero then you don't have the ability to post. You only need a few cents. Here are some ways to get a small amount of BCH to get your foot in the door...
https://free.bitcoin.com is a faucet that gives you about 0.0001BCH
You can get HandCash https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freaks.app.handcash It's an app that lets people send BCH to a name instead of a long string of numbers/letters. You can join the Telegram here https://t.me/joinchat/GMX7LUwWo5pg_42TLbHByw and give your $Handle, people will throw you a few cents which is plenty to post on Memo.
You can also get Pixel wallet https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cash.bitcoin.app.pixelwallet and crack one of my puzzles.
Once you get srarted I've created a topic called "introduce yourself" stop in and say hi. Then make sure to follow me! https://memo.cash/post/5465fa463763dd926349a35385620afd7057bc28c1cb9731abf86d5fcb160196


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