When cryptographic money only appeared, mining was practiced by a minority of connoisseurs. At that time, it seemed that mining was reserved for tech savvy people. Fortunately, things are different. Now all you have to do is find the best GPU for operation, install it and enjoy the benefits.
Although the mining sector ETH and BTC was popular and relevant in 2016-2018, the current difficulty of calculations makes the process very difficult. It is almost impossible to exploit BTC and ETH with a standard GPU. But who said you can not extract other parts? Even the current decline in interest in the mining sector does not prevent people from trying to exploit altcoins. In fact, if you want to make a profit, you must use the best operating material or not use it at all. The mining industry continues to evolve by offering innovative mining machines. Let's see what are the most deserving mining GPUs in 2019.
How to select the best GPUs for mining?
Before looking at the most valuable mining GPUs, let's look at the essentials of GPU mining cards that are important for efficiency and speed. This will help us understand how industry standards have changed and how to make an informed decision.
Take a look at the features that are important for choosing GPUs.
Previously, some 2-4 GB of VRAM were sufficient to exploit Ethereum and cryptocurrencies equally. When Ethereum appeared only 4 years ago, it started at 1 GB and the volume increased by 750 MB per year. We are in 2019 now, which implies that the best models for mining should have at least 8 GB of internal memory. With an old 2 GB card, you will not gain any cryptography.
2. Hashrate
Being a critical point, hashrate is the speed at which a device performs calculations to solve algorithms. This variable is estimated in hashes generated per second, and the first category models have this speed measured in Mega-hashes (MH / s), which means that at least 1 million hashes are executed in one second. The most advanced GPUs can also have GH and TH values.
3. Bus width
In short, it defines the amount of chips that can be located in a device. As you know, the efficiency of a card is defined by its memory, so you should definitely opt for a wider bus width. A typical 256-bit card with 8 chips is not enough at present: you should opt for a better memory level to use at least 16 chips.
4. Power consumption
Mining is an expensive process even after you buy equipment - you have to pay the electricity bill afterwards. Make sure the GPU consumes less power than its peers. If you want to enjoy a steady income, your mining hardware will function 24/7. So make sure your GPU provides good performance for the amount of energy consumed.
5. Cooling
Now that you have seen power utilization, you must be careful that your mining field is not too hot. This is important because overheating can harm hardware. This not only makes the atmosphere inside the room feel miserable, but it can also prevent your graphics card from working properly. Go for open construction - allowing for optimal cooking. Don't forget to buy a fan and install it.