In the past month we have witnessed what many have called the beginning of the end of Bitcoin. The blame for this does not lie in mainstream media, political or financial opposition but in the unthinking, dogmatic carelessness of those who profess to support Bitcoin. For reasons known and unknown to me, they have sacrificed the original vision of Bitcoin almost entirely in what my friend Steve Patterson has aptly compared to the Jonestown Mass Suicide.
Now, sensing the impotence of their position and the pending rise of Bitcoin Cash, these same people are engaged in a vicious propaganda campaign against it.
While I wholeheartedly believe the market speaks louder than the words of a cartel of economically illiterate charlatans and that the money will ultimately follow the coin with the most utility, I do believe there are things individuals can do today to push back if they think it’s a meaningful way to spend their time.
This is not an exhaustive list by any means, just things that I’ve tried and am considering trying.
1. Reject outright whenever it is discussed the false dichotomy between a “store of value” and a “spendable currency.” Familiarize yourself with the history of money and sound economics so that you can do this more effectively.
2. Whenever possible, pay for goods and services in cryptocurrency
3. Whenever possible, ask to be compensated for your goods and services in cryptocurrency. Go out of your way to facilitate this in the short term.
4. Get active on and write about whatever you want.
5. Ask and answer questions on Quora about Bitcoin Cash
6. Search Twitter for Bitcoin Cash and respond, retweet, quote, and otherwise engage with questions, content, concerns, etc.
7. Contribute time, expertise or money to the Bitcoin Cash fund.
8. Write articles on Medium and contribute guest posts to blogs. Example.
9. Help your friends new to crypto set up a Bitcoin Cash wallet and make their first exchange.
10. Start YouTube accounts and podcasts. Example 1. Example 2.
11. Host Bitcoin Cash 101 meet ups in your hometown
12. Get some skin in the game a buy a bit more.
Let Bitcoin Core continue their destructive path towards unusable fees and transaction times. But let's put an end to their propaganda against Bitcoin Cash. May the best coin win.


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