I've been working as a children photographer for 4 years, it's more like a hobby because I don't make enough to live of it, but I love it. For me photography has a very special value and contrary to what most people think, in my opinion, it is not here only to capture the greatest moments but the smallest ones as well. You won't (probably) forget your weeding day, your kid 1st birthday or his/her graduation but we forget the small details and that is where photography has its most important role. And when it comes to children, as they grow, their gestures, games and particularities change very fast, which takes me to TIP Nº1:
Don't force poses or smiles
One of the worst things in a photo shoot is having parents constantly saying to the child "smile", "look here / there", "put your hand on your waist", "stand like this" ... the child gets tired too quickly and you end up with photos of false, forced and posed smiles, which brings out the naturalness of children, their true beauty and essence. The best idea is to let them be, allow them to run around and play, they will be much more willing to collaborate and the natural smiles will come out easily.
Something very important to remember is that not all the photos should have a happy and smiling child, I love the ones that I take when the child is distracted.
And finally, capture the details in the everyday life, because those details are the one we miss most and remember less.
Thank you very much for reading, soon Tip Nº2!


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