I don’t know how you ended up on this page, so if you are already part of Yours.org then you know all of it already, for anyone else chances are that you followed a link and you want to tip someone but you don’t have idea how you can do that and what Yours.org is.
Yours.org is a social network where micro-payments are easy, for example you can tip me as little as 10 cent which is possible thanks to Bitcoin Cash and the cryptocurrency technology. Think about something like Medium but with tips.
Here the steps to get you started:
  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Visit the Cash page and deposit some Bitcoin Cash. You can do that by sending BCH directly, or by sending any other cryptocurrency via Shapeshift. If you don’t have any cryptocurrency yet, there is an option to use a credit card to buy BCH via Coinbase.
  3. Do not forget to back up your Bitcoin Cash wallet to prevent loss of funds.
Now the tipping part, which is pretty easy, just use the buttons at the end of each post, there are buttons to vote, to tip and to comment about it.
But wait, you can also monetize your own content and earn Bitcoin by joining to Yours.org, first read How to get started on Yours and the Yours FAQ for more info about it. Also read the “Four Yours.org Use Cases” article which show you a real-world use of Yours.org platform.
PS: Did you tip? … Yeah, it’s pretty fast, isn’t it?