This is my half-assed response to the quarter-assed article of CSW, trying to hate on Roger and fringe anarchists. Hypocrisy:CSW
Apart from the main question of statist or anarchist order, it's undeniable, that modern laws are to vast and intricately grown through any industry to a completely unjustifiable degree. One, where individuals can be fucked over with arbitrary enforcement; A good part of overarching regulations is also the power, that such regulators can leverage against companies, to do their bidding. Especially prevalent in fascist societies. Where companies could literally be filed for anything, anytime, but simply wouldn't be, if they "keep supporting their country", whatever that may mean. This is but just one reason as to why you cannot simply say "law is law" and think you made a decent argument. All that being said and with any implication made, probably being discarded with your next sip of scotch: I frankly cannot tell how good or bad your arguments are about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. But I definitely can tell the obvious sophistry, lazy twisting, half truths and straw men, you rely on, when arguing against these ominous "anarchists", who you always talk about, as if they're haunting you. Am I an anarchist troll already? For taking to much time, answering, what I sadly have to describe as one (and by far not the only one) of the silliest twisted arguments Craig could come up with, in order to troll Roger (cringe)? Not once in any argument you made over the years did you present a fair coverage of the "anarchist" argument, regarding any given aspect. Not, who they are, not what they stand for, not even what they're actually saying. I am amazed at how you generally call yourself libertarian, given how bad you usually argue about it. You don't have to be a fringe "defacto-marxist" ancap, in order to rip your silly article or other of your takes apart (Saying anarchocapitalism is basically original marxism was the only reasonable argument, you ever made. And even that is an argument turning against you, when you take a detailed look at it) Anyway, I wonder, why you waste your time, when you're neither bringing anything new or at least decent enough to this discussion of the century, nor are interested to bear any grade of criticism or rebuttal, no matter how factual? Why even bother? You're not searching for honest debate here. This article hints the most at how you actually just cover up some personal dealings and struggles withing the cryptosphere with this senseless statist/anarchist debate. Which actually brings me to what I am saying, since that shitshow of hashwars we had: Having BCH and BSV line up in these bullshit ideological discussions shows the lack (and hence artificial fabrication) of actual, ultimate dividing reasons. It seems this false dichotomy has been facilitating fights and is molding both communities to a detriment, while being fired up by thoughtleaders, like you. It is far to conspiratorial for me to believe, this was all accounted for, but the circumstances combined surely creep me out.
And anyone arguing, that Roger had to be fined or jailed is either only partially informed or simply nobody, that someone with enough sense of morals and humanity left in him would need to listen to. At least not, when he tries to paint those "fringe anarchists" as immoral. Which is laughable. Good evening to you Craig. Great, that you're back from self-exile and back open for people, who not suck up to basic cool aid, like this. And please stop hating on Roger, for doing his own thing and stopping to trust you. Knowing your vices, I couldn't hold it against him or Jihan, for that matter.


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Nice response. Isn't is the BSV ideologues that constantly shout "this isn't about personalities!"
   7mo ago
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You moron, Craig was not attacking personality of Roger, he was exposing his Hypocrisy... and Roger is in fact a hypocrite because he also was preaching to Core morons how BTC has nothing left of Bitcoin-es about it, and he was correct pointing this out to them, only he completely flipped on his own preaching to become the very crook that he was talking against before... this makes him a HYPOCRITE, and unlike me saying that Roger is rude or fake or whatever, based on NO EVIDENCE, which is what you people are doing against Craig, I am saying Roger is a fucking HYPOCRITE because I HAVE EVIDENCE to back it up... Roger SHOWED DOUBLE STANDARDS WHEN HE SIDED WITH ABC CROOKS, WHO NO LONGER FOLLOW BITCOIN SYSTEM... because once again, for you ignorant stupid heads:
- CTOR is not Bitcoin
- DSV is no Bitcoin
- Avalanche is not Bitcoin
- centralised check points while being in the protocol when Satoshi was still around (and I think Satoshi is still around) is NOT now Bitcoin's PoW hask war and protecting the chain, is meant to be done, forcing security through centralised entities is NOT BITCOIN either... and even your own crooks from ABC side of the fork ADMITTED TO THIS! THEY SAID "WE FUCKED UP"
.. and this is MY response to your half-assed response to Criag
PS: Those memes you morons like to use so much, are not arguments, they are lame, childish and ignorant and have ZERO FACTS about them.
   7mo ago
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He was attacking Roger's personality?... You don't say? Also if you think my picture was used as a substitute for an argument, it looks to me like you didn't even read my take. Why should I go on reading your "moronic" take?
   7mo ago
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No, he did not attack his personality, he didn't call him a fake because of something that happened with MtGox, he exposed his hypocrisy.
And should I repeat again what I wrote?
You and Roger and everyone else, need to go back and read the Bitcoin white paper again because, again, you showed DOUBLE STANDARDS and went AGAINST Bitcoin white paper.
PS: memes are not arguments or facts... and that is a fact.
It is also a fact that CTOR, DSV, Avalanche and centralised checkpoints are NOT how Bitcoin system works... and that is the ONLY thing you morons need to pay attention to, and for as long as you don't, you will remain clueless, ignorant and enemies of Bitcoin. You are not much better then Core crooks and their brainwashed sheeple.
   7mo ago
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Your bitcoin doesn't follow the arbitrary rules I've defined as bitcoin!
   7mo ago
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I can't say I disagree with a lot of what you're saying. This struck me:
"Apart from the main question of statist or anarchist order, it's undeniable, that modern laws are to vast and intricately grown through any industry to a completely unjustifiable degree."
I thought who is responsible for it the governments? Or is it the people who have at large become so disengaged with government?
If the good guys were back in charge of "law and order" would that make a difference?
Interesting and thoughtful take - thanks for sharing.

   4mo ago
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